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somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. authorities say that -- he thought he was talking to someone in al-qaida when he planned to bomb up a building. >> reporter: gasia you can bet that everyone who comes to this building is breathing a big sigh of relief tonight. that man tried to destroy the building early this morning but failed. the bank of american building seemed quiet today. but the peace gave way to shock. >> yeah it's pretty crazy. >> man, wow. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office released this criminal complaint that describes how the man named matthew aaron laneza of san jose and mesa a arizona tried to blow up a building. he thought he was in connection with al-qaida but he was
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actually an fbi agent. he expressed the desire for the bomb to bring down the entire bank building. >> that's scary knowing that i bank here all the time. that's scary. >> reporter: he tried to set off a fake bomb this morning and was immediately arrested. >> to hear all that stuff on the other side of the world but now it's coming here more often. it's pretty scary. >> reporter: yaneza is a devout muslim who claimed he was doing this with ala. he claimed that he would dance with joe when the bomb went off. >> you know i don't think there's any question there's a lot of people out there that want to do this type of stuff. that have this as something that they're dedicated to accomplishing. the problem is, doing it. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we'll take you inside the building and tell you about someone who runs a company
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inside. john sasaki, ktvu news. we mentioned the suspect's south bay ties. matt is live now with the suspect's criminal past and reaction from neighbors, matt keller. >> reporter: documents show that matthew lanai faced weapons charges before and lived in san jose. this charge of attempted use of weapon of mass destruction is not matthew laneza's first encounter with authorities. he was arrested in his rv outside of his father's home in san jose. his family asked for a mental health check and police found an assault rifle with ammunition he brought with him from arizona. laneza had an unusual interest in weapons. several military magazines and had mental health issues. he was sentenced to six years in jail but served little more than six months. people in that neighborhood were surprised by the news.
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>> shocking, to say the least. >> very, very, next door. yeah very surprised. very surprised. >> reporter: the fbi says in several meetings in january of this year, laneza came up an orchestrated a plan in the hayward storage unit to be detonated in oakland. the fbi says laneza's goal was to trigger a counter wing effect against the government leading to war. we posted the entire cross- complaint on our website scroll k -- the entire complaint on our website. today police arrested a suspect in the death of a 13- year-old. noelle walker has who police has in custody and how they
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tracked him down. >> reporter: anthony lamar jones, 32 year old. this is the first time we're putting a name and face with the suspect that police have been looking for for quite some time now. a short time ago, the district attorney held a press conference on those steps. a press conference that lasted about 30 second. >> the murder of a 13-year-old girl, assaults the very core of who we are and what we stand for as a community. >> reporter: so we were out in front of a house today that's believed to be the suspect's home. we have another crew out there right now. and i'm told that in the last few minutes, they have been bringing out boxes of what looks to be evidence that included a computer. neighbors watched as police and the fbi defended on this home on clifford lane. police would not confirm who's
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house this is. tonight police announced a break in the case. >> the police department would like to announce the identification and arrest in the suspect in this case. >> reporter: police released this photo of 32-year-old anthony lamar jones. in a brief prepared statement police gave few details about the man or the crime. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time he has been under 24 hours surveillance. >> reporter: the owner of the convenience store near where jones was arrested runs an unusual neighborhood watch. we asked if he recognized jones. >> if you noted a revision. >> reporter: but they did say police asked them for surveillance video. >> so they asked you for a week's worth of surveillance. >> weeks, from monday to friday. >> reporter: the owner of the barber shop also says police asked for surveillance video there too. one girl who lived aid cross the street from the home where
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police and fbi are camped out right now said he had seen jones cutting hair in the garage. >> have you ever seen that guy right there? >> no. >> reporter: most neighbors we talked to said they hasn't seen the man in the mug shots until now. >> nice quiet neighborhood. never thought anything like this would happen of course. >> reporter: again both press conferences today held by the district attorney and police. both very brief. revealing very little evidence and very little information. but we do know that mr. jones will be arranged on wednesday. and in about an hour and a half, the family of the victim is holding a vigil. we'll have someone there tonight as well. reporting live in fairfield, noelle walker, ktvu news. san jose police say they have rearrested a man who got away from them on wednesday by stealing an unmarked police van. they say that they took 32-year- old anthony sanchez into custody about 11:00 last night. he was sleeping inside a stolen pickup truck parked right outside a home on normington way in south san jose.
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>> police officers were yelling for him to get on the ground. and basically he did. he kind of resists. they had to throw them down on the ground. and then they had their guns drawn. >> reporter: sanchez has been booked on the original probation violation plus charges of auto theft, possession of narcotics, burglary and possessions of stolen property. >> reporter: san jose police are investigating a deadly fall from a downtown condominium  apartment. tanya bell fell to her death shortly before 3:00 a.m. she didn't live there and it's not known why she was on the balcony. police say that alcohol may have been involved. but at this point investigators say there are no signs of foul play. at this hour, a powerful blizzard is pounding the northeast. forecasters expect up to three inches of snow per hour in some arealess. in massachusetts traffic is banned on all roads across the state. it's the first traffic ban in
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massachusetts since the blizzard back in 1978. the snowstorm could bring a record amount of snow to much of the northeast in areas devastated by superstorm sandy just last year. by the time the storm is done some places could see up to 3 feet of snow. we go to our chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking the nor'easter. >> this is a classic nor'easter. as it moves up the coast it's picking up powerful energy. you have the two systems merging. that's what a nor'easter is. you get the system moving up the coast. you get the one moving out of the cooler regions and they merge up. see how they're merging up right here. and all that energy is going to explode in the northeast especially in places like boston where they could see. it's moving into the future here. they could easily see 3 feet of snow. picture san francisco with three feet of snow. that's why they're shutting down the roadways. wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. they'll have the real heavy
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snowfall. it's a real distant memory by sunday evening. tomorrow is the big show of this. to drop up to 3 feet of snow that's a problem. it's already causing flight delays. if you're flying to the east call ahead. even chicago, even dallas. we'll see you back here with your forecast. in seven minutes the storm on the east coast is creating cancellations in the bay area airports. how long it could take before passengers get to their destinations. in southern california snow slowed down the man hunt for a former los angeles police officer accused of going on a revenge shooting spree. authorities are going door to door searching for christopher donner who they say is heavily armed. >> reporter: police battle the elements as they continue searching the snowy mountains of california for christopher dorner. the former cop turned suspected killer. >> we still have over 100 law
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enforcement officers from throughout southern california assisting us. waoer continuing to prosaid as much security as we can -- we're continuing to provide as much security as we can to the community of big bear. in addition making sure that this community is safe. >> reporter: dorner's truck was found thursday about 100 miles from los angeles. the weather making the search difficult for authorities with snow shoes under way and several officers now on the ground. police say dorner began his killing rampage on sunday when he shot and killed monica quan and her fiance. quan is the daughter of an l.a.p.d. court who was involved in the investigation that got dorner fired in 2008. the search is stretching as far
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as the mexican border as as far east as nevada. police have also released the manifesto made by dorner where he threatens law enforcement officers, their families and anyone who gets in his way. san bernardino police officers have been going door to door. in big bear lake california, dominic di-natale, ktvu news. authorities say dorner's mother and sister who also live at the home are cooperating with the investigation. also today, the twin towers county jail in downtown l.a. was placed on lock down after an employee reported seeing someone there resembling dorner. the lock down was lifted after no one was found. authorities are getting a close look where a stand off
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ended. workers have excavated the bunker constructed by jimmy dykes. police are also opening a shipping container that neighbors say dykes used for storage on his land. there's more finger pointing going on over the now infamous super bowl black out. this morning enter entergy new orleans. they say that a device installed to keep a black out from happening was to blame. san francisco is getting ready to celebrate its own championship. all the talk is about a haircut. tim lincecum's new look coming up in less than 15 minutes.
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we are learning new details tail tonight -- new details tonight about the killing of a businessman and his wife. suspect raven dixon a suspected prostitute had pictures of cumra's home on her cell phone. the documents also say the other three suspects in cumra's killing are part of a criminal street gang in oakland. bad weather back east is going to create a parking situation in the west. coming up. >> and california's wine makers are toasting to their own success today. last year was a banner year on two different levels.
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a leader of the opposition national salvation front sent in a message posted on a twitter account we will continue our peaceful struggle with the people to continue our revelation. meanwhile in syria amateur video up loaded online shows rebels blocking off the southern highway with large fires. this after coming face to face with forces. syria's crisis began with peaceful protests in march of 2011 and have since evolved to a bloody war. we told you about that big blizzard back east and how it's causing massive flight cancellations. tom vacar is live where a lot
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of flights are being cancelled. >> reporter: 60 flights are being cancelled as we speak. but tomorrow there will be many more cancelled. >> they actually cancelled me 24 hours in advance. so i was comfortable with that. not happy but comfortable. >> reporter: airlines no longer wait till the last hour or minute to cancel when big weather events occur. >> airlines don't want to go through that anymore. i think what we're seeing more is in anticipation of a weather event. proactive cancellation. >> then again if all of a sudden it was a false storm and there in new york we tend to get a number of those, i would probably be a little upset. >> reporter: the saliva's had flown in from korea to catch a flight to boston. >> united was great in rebooking us to a flight to washington which we're going to get on in an hour. then we have to figure out how we're going to get from
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washington to boston. >> reporter: washington to boston, trains are also idled by the storm. >> worse case scenario we'll rent a car. >> reporter: others will wait the storm out here. >> keep those crews and aircraft away from the city until the weather clears. >> reporter: the advantage of having planes stored in these better weather locations is very simple. once travel resumes it resumes first from here. >> they don't have to reposition a great deal of airplanes and crew. it's ready to go. once the weather clears they can snap back to a regular schedule much faster than they used to. >> reporter: the latest tomorrow flights to and from boston are already cancelled along with half of new york's runs so far but more could be added to it. fairfield police are investigating an armed robbery at a school in which the thieves took 40 i pads. police say one of the two thieves pointed a gun at the
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janitor at sem yeto continuation school and the pointed them to the i pads -- and he pointed them to the i pads. this is the second time since cement that someone has stolen i pads at that school. between last october and december, thefts were up 83% compared to the same period one year before. police say last year some 400 cell phones were stolen from commuters at or near stops. the most stolen items, apple products such as the iphone and i pad because of their resale value. one lane is going to be closed on westbound interstate 80 before the toll plaza. caltrans says single lane closures may cause delays of up to 15 minutes through march 5th. california's wine makers have a reason to celebrate. they had a record harvest last
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year. the usda released preliminary figures showing that california's grape crush last year was a record high of 4.3 million-tons. red wine grapes accounted for the largest share. the average price growers received for the grapes were also up nearly 25%. a famous san francisco restaurant is about to get a make over. the dog city diner is said to shut its doors for a make over and reopen as a new restaurant. let's go back to bill martin as he's watching the nor'easter develop across the country. there's stuff happening here at home. >> we're looking for temperatures to go near freezing or below freezing in some locations. we have showers showing up south of the area. those showers widely scattered.
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we had a few early scattered showers that will come in a little closer. and this is what's left of our system, right. as it moves into los angeles down toward bakersfield. for us we're just, well we're drying out. as you put on the live storm tracker sweeps. pretty much no precipitation going. we had some temperatures outside mostly in the 50s. the winds are going to come up a little bit. but temperatures are still going to be chilly in the evening hours into the early morning saturday morning. then again sunday morning. really what we're talking about here in the weather center is drying out. and then kind of really cold the next few mornings. how does this impact you? as you head out of the house. you see golfing, they have frost delays. if the kids are going some where or you're going some where in the early morning hours, you will need jackets and it'll be windshield scraping time. cool mornings ahead. the extended forecast dry. looking for rain up there but
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we don't see anything real substantial. the last weather system did not bring a lot of rain. the rain totals were below levels. 32 in fairfield. this will get you frost, this will get you a little bit of freezing temperatures at freezing or below freezing. when you wake up at oakland that's pretty cold. you will notice it tomorrow morning. next couple of mornings chilly. the isotherm map shows the map colors. those are the forecast highs for tomorrow. a couple of 60s are going to try to pop in there but mostly mid- and upper 50s tomorrow. sunday we will see some greens which were 60s pop into this map. so a little warmer as we head into sunday. when i come back we will get specific because that does not give us a specific temperature. here's how warm it's going to be saturday, here's how warm it's going to be sunday. >> thank you, bill. who is that giant. take a look and tell me do you recognize him? the big change. one of the giant's stars made
5:23 pm
in the offseason. and it could hurt children. the disinfectant that san francisco wantsty care centers to stop using. a warning to parents about a dangerous game that could turn dangerous. what some bay area students that might alarm police or the public. >> also, take a look at this. a truck rams into a bay area store. why police don't think this was an accident. also-- >> protecting your child from chemicals may get a lot easier. the major reform governor brown is pushing and why some are calling his announcement historic. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. you can't move the tv there.
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you can see lincecum's hair is a lot shorter. he's also wearing glasses but we're told they're not prescription glasses. >> i wasn't going for anything. just a look that i like. >> you have oracle written all over you. >> i don't have all the answers. >> reporter: fans will get a chance to get a look at lincecum's new look. players and coaches will all be out at at&t park greeting the fans. among other things, fans can see series trophies. also walk through the giant's clubhouse. construction for the new $60 million stadium for the san jose earthquakes are set to begin february 26. the 18,000 seat stadium is on track to be completed by spring of next year. the new stadium is being built by the same company overseeing
5:27 pm
the new 49er stadium and the project is privately funded. the city of san francisco is under taking a big project to try to get child care operation to stop using bleach as a disinfectant. bleach fumes can cause asthma. they encourage child care operations to use bleach free disinfectants. the report says that child care centers and home child care operations face strict requirements to disinfect their facilities. >> they end up spraying bleach any where from 25 to 96 times a day in a single day. oftentimes we're finding that in child care centers the ventilation is not adequate. >> reporter: the report also says that more people use more bleach during times when there are cold and flu outbreaks. and many child care operators
5:28 pm
are already moving to other disinfecting products. in many parts of china, employers lure kids by using forged documents then the young workers are not allowed to leave. hp's new standard requires standard for students and their right to leave at any time. another contra costa restaurant closed, patrons sick. what health officials say was on the plate. fighting litter with kids and a new plan. a new plan inspired by a whiff.
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recapping the three big stories we've been following for you all day. a san jose man is behind bars after authorities say he tried to blow up a bank. he tried to blow up the b of a with what he thought was a bomb. turns out the person he was building that bomb with was an fbi agent. leneza is a devout muslim who thought he was doing there to honor ala. officers say 32-year-old anthony lamar jones had been on surveillance shortly after the killing of janelle conway alan. police descended on his home on clipper lane. authorities would not confirm who lived at&t home but say the killing is the only case in fairfield the fbi is now investigating. an in southern california
5:32 pm
authorities today continued their search for former l.a.p.d. officer christopher dorner who's accused of killing three people in an act of revenge for being fired. police and sheriff's officials worked through the snow in big bear lake looking for any sign of dorner. they say at this point dorner could be any where. authorities also served a warrant at the home where dorn er's mother and sister lives. and the health department shut down a restaurant. john fowler was there this morning. >> reporter: this find says it all. popular fleming's stake house is now reopened just 30 minutes ago. county health officials closed fleming's from wednesday to today after they say noro virus sickened several employees and at least two customers.
5:33 pm
>> oh my goodness. god now that i've gone there i need to get checked. >> reporter: noro virus forced closure of this deli. the virus is highly contagious causing vomiting and diarrhea. >> part of the reason why we're closing these restaurants is for them to take the time to clean the environment. >> reporter: chef armando anawis says in eight years no patron of his has been sickened. they insist that sick workers stay home. >> if the people are sick, then it's not good for the business. >> reporter: late today, fleming's told me by e-mail workers spent 14 hours sanitizing. inspectors okay's reopening. >> one of the recommendations is that there be food safety classes. >> things happen, there's germs around. but clean it up and get it reopened it's a good restaurant. >> reporter: health experts say the noro virus strain
5:34 pm
circulating now is especially viralant. wash your hands with soap and water that hand sanitizers are not enough. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the worse is over. health officials say the worse of the flu season appears to be over now. the number of states reporting intense and widespread flu dropped once again last week. deaths from the flu have been dropping for the past two weeks. a coroner stone of president obama's effort is gaining bipartisan steam. for owners and ncra members are -- some nfl greats are coming out in support for gun law reform. >> how many more? how many more street corners.
5:35 pm
>> how many more schools. >> reporter: emmitt smith, dion sanders and michael irving are just one of few players for the announcement. the group says on its website that it asking for common sense measures to ensure that law enforcement has the tools they need to put an end to gun trafficking. you probably noticed gas prices here in california they have taken a big jump in just the past month. the aaa fuel gauge reports the statewide average now over $4 at $4.01 a gallon. driven up in particular by prices up in southern california. here in the bay area the average prices look like these. oakland $3.93 a gallon up 35- cents from a month ago. san francisco $4 a gallon up 32% and san jose $3.96 up 36- cents. the u.s. postal service reports its lost $1.3 billion in the final three months of last year. that loss announced today is
5:36 pm
far less than the 3.3 billion that are loss for the same period a year earlier. the mail service has been dealing with tumbling mail volume as americans communicate more and more online. as you will recall, the u.s. postal service announced plans to cut back on saturday delivery service. the city launched a new program to tackle a growing garbage problem. david stevenson live now with why adding garbage cans can actually make this problem worse, david. >> reporter: complaints about litter in san francisco is going up. so authorities are enlisting kids in the city of san francisco to clean it up. >> just like the giants we will triumph but there's work to do. >> so that the trash is not just picked up by public works but that all of us prevent it from getting on our streets in
5:37 pm
the first place. >> reporter: it's called giant sweep, a play on the giant's series win. they launched the program today at lincoln high school. >> it's easy to look away when someone throws something away. it's easy to look away. but i've been in a lot of cities i've played baseball all over the country. san francisco is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been in my life. >> reporter: the $100,000 year round project includes stepped up trash collection by city agencies an anti litter ad campaign at at&t park. it also encourages students to help clean up their communities. >> i hope it works out. because i see people at the bus stop every day just dropping stuff. >> we made a game about it. we weigh the weight or amount of trash we pick up and try to increase that every week. >> reporter: volunteers from tech companies today helped clean city streets. the department of public works estimates it removes 26,000- tons of litter every year but
5:38 pm
adding more garbage cans can actually increase blithe. >> sometimes having more garbage cans is a good thing sometimes it can be a bad thing. we have a lot of people that don't have garbage service and they miss use cans for their household garbage. >> reporter: the giant's sweep program includes anti litter educational program aimed at young people such as these with several city wide cleaning events launching tomorrow morning. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. could the bay area become one giant region with transit agencies all merged into one. that was the idea being discussed today at the state of valley conference. advocates say that communities blend into each other any way and merging everything from landfill to water treatment plans would reduce publications and make everything more efficient. on wall street stocks ended the week on an up note.
5:39 pm
nasdaq rose by 28. seasoned m -- s & p rose eight to end on a year high. who do you think is the most popular person? if you said president, you're wrong. >> a change of heart. the last time we saw this young lady, she was being arrested for cursing out a judge. what the judge said after her apology.
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a hacker has hit the bush family. a hacker was able to get access to private photos and e-mails sent between members of the bush family including both former presidents. the state department is now investigating the breach. one of the pictures shows the elder bush during a recent state at a hospitallal in houston. so who's the most popular person in america? it's not the president. a poll shows hillary rodham clinton tops the list. her favorability is 61, the
5:43 pm
president's is 51%. the 18-year-old woman who was sited for contempt of court in miami after she flipped off the judge had a very different tone today. >> my behavior was very irrational. and i apologize not only to the court and you but to my family. >> on monday the judge george rodriguez sentenced soto to 30 years in jail. after this morning's apology which you just heard the judge vacated the contempt charge. her attorney asked that she be sent to drug treatments after having been found with 31 bars of the drug zanax. sergeant robert w. richards is charged with dereliction of duty. sergeant clemons is accused of conduct unbecoming an officer. two other marines have pleaded guilty in this case and have
5:44 pm
been sentenced to reductions in rank. now they know the concussions are for real and permanent. >> we've heard a lot recently about football and player safety. in tonight's special report. a new test that can determine whether a child should be playing the game. >> and back here in just a few minutes it's beautiful outside right now. as we head into your bay area weekend. we're going to see some increasing temperatures as well as very cold temperatures. i'll let you know where those occur. see you back here. >> new at 6:00, a warning to parents about a friendly game that could turn dangerous. what some bay area students are doing that might alarm police. or the public. >> also, take a look at this. a truck rams into a bay area store. why police don't think this was an accident. also-- protecting your child from chemicals may get a lot easier. the mayor reform governor jerry brown is pushing and why some are calling his announcement
5:45 pm
historic. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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5:47 pm
concussions have become all too common. not only in the nfl but also in high school and college football. in tonight's special report ktvu's health and science editor john fowler discovered a new test that could help parents decide if football or any other contact sport is right for their child. >> reporter: it starts young, concussions among high schoolers have parents concerned. >> my son runs really hard with his head down and he takes a lot of banging so i worry about it with him. >> reporter: doctors say concussion brain injuries are all too common and unpredictable. pop warner league has new rules far more strict than the nfl. >> now they know that concussions are for real and permanent. >> reporter: matthew says any head first hit is a penalty. players can be ejected from the game. >> the severity of the punishment will determine whether or not we end this catastrophic exposure. >> reporter: enforcing the rules is important but bay area
5:48 pm
doctors say a new understanding of individual athletes genetic make up may be a key to unlocking the concussion puzzle. >> we're trying to help physicians give a more personalized approach to return to play after sport concussion. >> reporter: former 49er linebacker jim covach says 95% of us have a gene linked to bad brain injuries. he developed a swab test. >> it's a game changer. i think you're going to see this test done on every professional athlete. >> reporter: the test is most useful for families of young athletes who haved had a concussion. >> then i think you're going to use that information to say should my child continue to play in this sport. >> reporter: the test could be widely available before spring practice begins. health and science editor, john fowler. gas log fireplaces are no longer required to meet federal
5:49 pm
energy efficiency standards. a federal appeals court today threw out an energy department rule that could have forced decorative fireplaces to meet those standards. the split panel said the rule made no sense because the appliances also known as gas logs are specifically designed to minimize the amount of heat generated. what caused thnosa to go extinct is a controversy not quite as old as the dinosaurs themselves. but uc berkeley scientists are making an argument on one side of it. they said they have pinpointed the time frame when a giant meteor hit the earth which led to a huge dust cloud which caused the dinosaurs to die off. scientists on the other side though say it was a series of volcanic explosions that triggered the massive dinosaur killing crowd. an asteroid half the size of a football field is hurling toward earthment but scientists say there's nothing to worry
5:50 pm
about. asteroid 2012data will miss us by just 17,000 miles. if it was closer to earth it could have hit the earth with the force of 100,000 t & t. the wall street journal reports today that you can find a full length version of films such as snow white, peter pan or fantasia on a video sharing site. it's not clear if disney has decided not to pull those films or if they're going to monotize it in another way. boeing says deliveries of the dream liners may be delayed. the airline said today it has notified airlines with planes on order that the next round of deliveries are going to take
5:51 pm
longer than thought. invest -- invest -- investigators are trying to figure out why one battery stalled out and another smoldered. >> hopefully it won't be anything drastic and it's certainly not going to be a hurricane sandy but that doesn't mean you can't get badly hurt or killed if you're not careful. >> reporter: it seems a lot of residents did listen. earl littler today stores ran out of bread and milk as folks prepared to spend the next couple of days indoors. >> bill martin is going to be watching that situation back east. here at home when we talk about cold, it's on our scale. >> exactly. we were just talking earlier on the newscast about 2 feet of snow. 3feet of snow.
5:52 pm
boston, downtown. have you ever been to boston. put 2 feet of snow in san francisco. that's why this storm has got legs. it's causing major flight delays across the country. we'll be watching that for you. for us we have a little bit of rain. did it do anything to the percents of average? no not really. we're falling below. san jose is dealof average. we're really losing ground here if we don't get some rain. in the meantime before we see any chance of rain. we're going to see cold rain. upper 40s in the cold spots. there's some wind but i don't think you're going to see enough rain to really create enough warming. napa 41, you go outside of napa you're going to find your 28s and 27s. most of the numbers the big cities you're going the find like this. 37 in oakland. 38 in hayward.
5:53 pm
high pressure is building in but this low lingers enough so the cool air is going to keep coming down over the top of us. so it's not going to get hot or warm around here. the overnight lows are going to stay right up to monday morning or tuesday morning. saturday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. it's going to be a nice looking day. beautiful. take a jacket if you go out there. it's going to be fun. look at the name and website. there's going to be a lot of the players out there. most of them as a matter of fact. 56 in fairfield, 56 in brentwood, 57 in vallejo. it's not that cold. 60 in some places. it'll be slow to warm up. plenty of sunshine. the five day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, this is sort of the other weather story. my main weather story is it's cold. the weather system is out of here. the other weather story is the long range models, five day you don't see any rain. when i go out past valentine's day i don't see much rain
5:54 pm
either. doesn't mean it's not going to happen. but slightly ominous. when you see a long range prediction it doesn't show some rain in there some where. there's nothing even to crack the storm door at all. the last storm would have been nice but open it a little and move some stuff in. but it shut and is not letting anything in here. it was not his magic number. the three digits on a man's w2 form that made his quit his job. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
5:55 pm
good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months
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a tennessee man has quit his job over a number that keeps reappearing at company documents that are referring to him. that number is 666. the sequence showed up on his company i.d. when he began working at context. then it came up on another document now he says it's on his w2. walter says it's disturbing because of the bible verse that says the number is the mark of the beast. >> the same computer is different computers, different system, different specialists, working computer or another system analyst working, i don't know. >> at this point walter says he's looking for a new job. his old company says he's made sure that number doesn't appear any where and that walter would be welcomed back. a homicide has forced a judge to postpone the murder
5:58 pm
trial of two sonoma county men. the two were suspected of a slaying at a marijuana garden. the trial has now been rescheduled for late march. a 4-year-old boy has drowned after he wandered away from his mother and fell into his family's pool. it happened around 12:45 yesterday on the 1400 drive of livermore. unfortunately they could not revive him. tonight we're live in fairfield where in the last hour investigators have begun bringing out evidence from the home there that's connected to the killing of a 13-year-old girl. we are talking with police, we will have a live update for you in two minutes. students shooting each other with nerf guns. why one school district is
5:59 pm
notifying parents that this game has gone too far.

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